The Little Home With A Big Heart

Markhaven is a publicly funded and inspected Long Term Care nursing home in Markham, recognized for the high quality of care and loving environment it provides to seniors in our community.

What We Can Help You With

Since our inception in 1960, Markhaven has earned a reputation of providing excellent care for seniors and those requiring long term assistance

Why Markhaven

Markhaven is dedicated to foster meaning and joy in residents' lives, guided by values of compassion, integrity, and excellence, ensuring compliance, accessibility, and collaboration in our care approach.

Who We Are

We are the little home with a big heart who strive to provide excellent care for our residents, while continuing to make them feel at home and a part of our Markhaven family. We do this by showing dignity and respect to everyone while upholding our Christian values.

Our Programs

Recreation programs in long-term care facilities play a crucial role in enhancing the overall well-being and quality of life for residents. These programs aim to provide meaningful and enjoyable activities that cater to the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs of individuals residing in long-term care settings.

What They Say

  • I’m really very happy. I feel this is the place to go when needed. Residents seem happy. I like the atmosphere; people are happy and the staff are friendly and accommodating. I am waiting to come and join my wife here. I like the fact that I can come in and out without limitations. I highly recommend Markhaven.
    Ernesto Arevalo, Family member of Resident
  • I have worked at Markhaven for nearly 17 years, and this is the first time that I feel at home.  I am so excited to come to work and am full of energy.  I have fantastic co-workers and we work as a team.  The management is so easy to get along with and I never hesitate to come to them because they listen to me and help me find solutions if I have any problems.  I want our family members to know that I am eager to look after their loved ones and treat them like my own family.
    Alma Arroco, Staff Markhaven
  • Both my grandmothers were residents of Markhaven years ago and our family had good memories of their time there.
    When it came time to find a place for our own mother, Markhaven was naturally one we were open to consider, but we still visited and reviewed other options as well.
    In the end, Markhaven emerged as our favorite, due to its nice new building, prime location near a lovely riverside path, non-profit status, and "homey" atmosphere.
    Keith Tapscott, Family Member

Ways to Give Back

Markhaven is a non-profit medical facility that has been serving our community for over 60 years. We appreciate the generous support we receive from our community, friends, and families. <br><br>

What We’re Up to

Discover the heart of Markhaven through our personalized events and activities, where every moment is tailored to create cherished memories. From birthday celebrations to engaging workshops, our vibrant community fosters lasting connections and joyous experiences.