Markhaven offers a variety of meaningful recreational activities to meet the needs of our residents.

All calendars have special events highlighted in bold, where everyone is welcome to attend. You can download our activity calendars for each unit to the right:

Virtual Dementia Tour

The Virtual Dementia Tour® (VDT®) is the original patented, evidence-based scientific method of building a greater understanding of dementia by building awareness and empathy in individuals caring for people living with dementia.


 Celebrating Community Connections: In this issue, we shine a spotlight on the vibrant connections and relationships that continue to blossom within our community. From heartwarming resident spotlights to shared experiences during our latest events, we invite you to witness the tapestry of connections that define life at our LTC facility.

Engaging Activities and Events:

Explore the diverse range of activities that have filled our days with laughter, learning, and joy. Our Events & Activities section showcases the dynamic calendar that keeps our residents active, engaged, and excited about each new day. Find out what's on the horizon and mark your calendars for upcoming events that promise to create lasting memories.

A Day in a Life:

Step into the daily rhythm of life at our LTC facility. Our "A Day in a Life" feature provides a glimpse into the meaningful routines and engaging activities that contribute to the overall well-being of our residents. Discover how each day is crafted to ensure a fulfilling and enriching experience for all.

Staff Spotlights and Updates:

Meet the dedicated individuals who form the backbone of our community – our exceptional staff members. Learn more about their contributions, stories, and the unwavering commitment they bring to creating a supportive and caring environment.

Resident Achievements and Milestones:

We take pride in celebrating the accomplishments and milestones of our residents. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or a personal achievement, we rejoice in the moments that make each resident's journey


  • Group Exercise

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  • Arts & Craft

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  • Musical Performance

  • Cuddle Time