Monthly Activity Calendars

Markhaven offers a variety of meaningful recreational activities to meet the needs of our residents.

We have two separate calendars of activities, both in printable PDF format, for our residents on an on-going basis:

  1. 2North/2South Calendar, which highlights large and small group activities on the 2nd floor of Markhaven Home for Seniors.
  2. 1North (Special Needs)/1South Calendar, which highlights large and small group activities on the 1st floor of Markhaven Home for Seniors.

2North/2South Calendars




1North (Special Needs)/1South Calendars


2013:Special Needs Activities



Special Events


Story-Telling with Adel on Saturday Afternoons

Story telling is enjoyed by all age cohorts and cultures. It is the conveying of events in words, images and improvisation…..bringing the story alive.

Residents will have the opportunity to attend and participate in story-telling with Adel on Saturdays on a monthly basis. Adel will be visiting 2N & 2S and 1N & 1S, in rotation. All residents are of course welcome to attend any of her visits!

Adel is well-known in the Long Term Care and Retirement sectors for her interactive story-telling through images and discourse.

Hope to see you there with Adel!